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Chad Gable opens up about the DooDoo Orange/Brown Basic

November 16, 2018

The guys are finally back from Europe talking about some memories from Kansas City (1:35). Find out this weeks winner of the Chase Variant Curt Hawkins figure and this weeks NEW giveaway (2:36). In a VERY important announcement, we detail everything you need to know about our HUGE Toy Drive associated with Toys for Tots...the Major Wrestling Figure Holiday Toy Drive (3:40)!  The guys then fly through good housekeeping (6:12), and talk about their Weekly Purchases (16:05).  BTW, did you see all the boxes they had waiting for them at home?  Brian and Matt can't help but respond to Sam Roberts again this week (22:02) and then we get a very special confession from Brian regarding a certain Bush Man 23:38)!  Then, check out this weeks News (28:47), “Ringside top ten” (34:34), and WTF Figure of the Week (36:44).  This weeks fig is a Mattel Basic Series 88 Chad Gable and we actually have Gable himself on the pod to discuss this DooDoo Orange/Brown monstrosity (37:24)! After that we have a cool Incarnation of Domination (45:37) featuring the Dudley Boys.  Then the guys close out the show with a great Q and A (51:49) including a literal "drop in" from a roommate (53:48).  SCRATCH THAT ITCH!

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