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Don’t Tick Me Off… SlapNutz!

March 28, 2019
This week the guys start with some funny Amherst/Boston memories (1:16) and then get to the good house keeping (2:44).  The giveaways for the week are WILD (6:20).  The guys also deliver a special message from Mattel on the "chase" situation (8:48) with some interesting information.  Matt and Brian talk more about the second live show coming up (10:45) and then announce the final entrant into this years Hall Of fame (17:40).  Weekly Purchases (20:21) will finally clear up the secret ending of last weeks pod (36:29) with the results of their drunk Ebay purchases.  Zack Morris (actually) makes a quick appearance on this weeks show (39:58)!  This weeks news segment also features infamous "Tommy Boy from Massachusetts" (44:05).  We had to switch things up abit this week though because the Ringside Top Ten (52:35) is followed by the WTF Figure of the WEAK (55:05) because out Incarnation of domination this week features WWE Hall of famer JEFF JARRETT as he helps us discuss his figures (58:25)!  We round out the show with our Q and A (1:14:00)

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