The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

Wrestling Figure Court with Mick Foley!

October 26, 2018

ALL RISE for the first installment of Wrestling Figure Court!  But first, the guys open the show like usual with Providence, RI memories (1:30). They then move on to "Good Housekeeping" (4:27) and talk about the giveaway winner and the new giveaway for this week (5:06). The guys rapid fire some weekly Purchases (15:00), but Zack goes into detail about visiting the most epic storage unit of all time (23:00)!  We get the figure news (36:00), this weeks Incarnation of Domination (41:15), Razor Ramon and the ever popular wtf figure of the week (47:00).  The guys then take two quick questions from the listeners (50:30) but then move over to the MAIN EVENT! Wrestling Figure Court (57:27) closes out the show!

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