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Dolph Ziggler Talks Toys and Bill Miekina responds!

November 2, 2018

We're here to show the world our Wrestling Figures!!! This week we have our first sit down guest when we talk with Dolph Ziggler about his Toy collecting and childhood! But first we open the show discussing the phone calls the guys made to T-Shirt buyers this week (1:36). We even include a specific call that had the boys laughing (2:02). Earlier this week we asked for survey responses and got our goal in a few hours! We announce the survey winner (4:40) and then discuss the giveaway this week (5:08) as well as last weeks winners (5:51). The guys discuss some Charlotte, NC memories (10:35) and then head into this weeks “Good Housekeeping” (11:28). In that seg, we get a “Dudegate” follow up (14:10) and a response to Sam Roberts for his recent interview with Bill Miekina (14:48). Speaking of Bill, our producer was able to get an actual comment from Bill after the monumental court case! (18:01)! It's an INSANE mega weekly purchases segment this week, (20:03) because Broski went BACK to the storage unit (31:30) And both of the guys visited the Highspots warehouse in NC (49:06). The news is pretty fun (107:00) and so is the “Incarnation of Domination” discussing the British Bulldog (117:00). Very interesting questions round out our Q&A (121:39) and is Sam Roberts is missing (131:42)? Finally we close out the show with the Zig man himself, Detolph...err, uh I mean, DOLPH ZIGGLER (134:19)!

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