The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

A Burglar in Brian’s House!

November 9, 2018

We're back this week LIVE from across the pond as Brian and Matt start the show by talking about some memories from Manchester, England (1:06). They quickly go into the “Good Housekeeping” segment and giveaways (2:37). Also...did you know...that there is now someone with a Major Wrestling Figure Podcast Tattoo and his name may or may not be Hornswoggle (15:09)? This week the guys fly through their weekly purchases but not before Matt sings a very special song (23:15). Then, check out this weeks “Ringside top ten” (40:09), News (44:02), Incarnation of Domination (48:21) and WTF Fig of the week (54:45)! The guys close out the show with a cool Q and A (59:34) but not before we hear a crazy story from Brian about a possible Burglar in his house (1:01:54)

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