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What’s on Sam Roberts’ face?

December 21, 2018

This week on the podcast we jump right into good house keeping (3:00). The guys then call a T-Shirt purchaser live on air, but does he pick up (6:11)? This weeks Giveaways (8:18) lead right into Brian's gift to Matt (12:53). Matt then SHOWS Brian his gift (15:00) and they reveal some presents for others (16:00). In a crazy surprise, Matt performs a new song for Sam Roberts (19:15)!  Weekly purchases (25:08) goes over a big score, including a review of the new custom barbershop window playset (43:20).  The News (51:25), Ringside top ten (1:01:51), Incarnation of Domination (1:03:45), WTF Figure of the WEAK (1:13:49) and our Q and A (1:17:01) round out the show.  Not before we get this weeks two top reviews (1:27:55)!  SCRATCH THAT ITCH!

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