The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

Cats steal a prototype head!

August 31, 2018

Join Matt and Brian for the first Full Episode of the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast! But wait, is this episode 1 or 2? Find out what the guys bought this week in the figure world (2:30). Find out the difference between a prototype and a sample (3:30). Did Brian ever get Matt back for the Mania 20 debacle (4:10). Who stole Matt's Razor Ramon prototype head (7:20)? Then they get into some action figure news (19:00). You can also join them this week for the first edition of “favorite version of,” (name subject to change), where they discuss their favorite figure of a specific superstar...this week, EDGE (25:00)! Whats a peg warmer (26:30)? Then, they finish off the show this week with some great questions from listeners (32:00)! Oh an also...did a bear destroy Matt's vintage Bret Hart shirt? (47:00). All this and more in episode 2!...or 1?

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