New Mattel Retros Found In The Wild!

January 10, 2019

The guys are LIVE in paradise this week as we jump right into Orlando memories (1:28). Then, this weeks Giveaways (2:39) lead right into Good Housekeeping (3:35). There is more info on this strange Savio Vega legs situation (4:10) and the guys announce another shirt/phone call promo (11:50)! Then, Matt breaks the news about a possible REAL STOMP in Paradise...Can it be (18:42)? Weekly purchases (20:59) gets into hunting for Retro Series 7 (39:30) and right after that the guys do a LIVE unboxing of the whole series (47:35)! The News (58:33), Ringside top ten (1:04:46), Incarnation of Domination (1:08:14), WTF Figure of the WEAK (1:16:04) and our Q and A (1:20:03)) round out the show.




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