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Basic-ally The New Day Gets Screwed!

January 18, 2019
The guys are rocking this week with some Memphis memories (2:04). Then they start with Good Housekeeping (4:45) including a S.T.O.M.P. Update (5:00)! This weeks Giveaways (8:52) lead right into a Savio Vega update (11:38).  This episode, we have a huge followup from last weeks WTF Fig, and I think you're going to CLAP!  Hear directly from Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods as they talk about their reactions to the brand new Basic Figures with strange deco (16:51).  Weekly purchases (21:13) gets into a hilarious Corporal Kirchner game (30:32)! The News (51:46), Ringside top ten (1:00:38), Incarnation of Domination (1:05:35), WTF Figure of the WEAK (1:14:04) and our Q and A (1:20:05) round out the show.  But not before the guys lay down a HUGE challenge to SAM ROBERTS (1:32:05)! SCRATCH THAT ITCH!
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