The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

The Man They Call STANG…I Mean Heath Slater

February 14, 2019
The guys start with good housekeeping this week (2:03) and then they play a really fun phone call they made to a fan named "Elizibit" (4:19). The Backscratchers are available NOW (7:20). The guys then rememebr to remember Grand Rapids Michigan (8:10) and then discuss this weeks opener, Maven (9:15).  They spend some time talking about Sam Roberts and then actually tell a story from a listener 11:22).  They discuss an update about a specific New Jack figure (17:10) and then announce this weeks Giveaways (19:35).  Weekly purchases (24:02) leads into a few Tradeskis (28:41). The guys also discuss the "Bill Apter Hall Of Fame ring" (45:20) and their adventures in Toys R Us in Canada (49:37).  The News (1:01:14), Ringside top ten (1:06:40), Incarnation of Domination (1:08:04), WTF Figure of the WEAK (1:14:20) lead right into the MAIN EVENT!  Heath Slater himself joins the show to discuss his childhood figure fed, his Heath Slater toys and much more (1:18:35).  Finally, our Q and A (1:42:46) round out the show.
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