The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

Deep South Figure Hunting

March 1, 2019

Matt and Brian start out with some great Atlanta Memories (2:00) and then discuss some more Deep South wrestling Memories (4:22) from their time in WWE Developmental including figure hunting routes.  Good Housekeeping (9:22) this week discusses the new merch schedule (12:02) and then they discuss this weeks giveaways (16:32).  Weekly Purchases (30:49) leads to a few interesting talks this week including Brian surprising Matt with a new custom fig (40:35) and an in depth Chase rarity discussion (47:20).  They also do a LIVE NXT Unboxing of the brand new figures just hitting stores now (57:23). The tradeski of the week (1:10:55) is brought to you by our newest sponsors  The News, (1:16:57), Ringside top ten (1:22:26), Incarnation of Domination (1:23:58), WTF Figure of the WEAK (1:32:05) and our Q and A (1:38:50) round out the show.


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