The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

Inferno matches…in the bedroom!

September 7, 2018

Here we go for third Episode of the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast! The guys start with a bit of House Keeping (2:50) which to Brian's dismay, means tying up some loose ends from last week. Find out the first OFFICIAL giveaway for the podcast and the rules (9:30). You have to hear about the MAJOR list of purchases from the guys this week including a new obsession for Brian (10:49). Then, the guys confess in a new segment what items they are desperate to find (22:49). Hear about this weeks figure news (30:39), then they go right into the favorite version of, segment (38:42). NEW SEG COMING IN HOT, WTF Fig of the WEEK (47:05)! Finally the Brian and Matt close out the show with questions from YOU (52:02) and you especially do NOT want to miss stories from their personal figure federations at the very end (106:00)!

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