The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

I’m Your Popy

March 15, 2019

Matt and Brian discuss Pittsburgh memories (0:38) at the start of the show and get right into good housekeeping (3:28). The guys go into detail about the upcoming LIVE show during Mania week (4:13) and what exactly to expect. It's on April 3rd at 10pm in Hicksville NY at the Create A Pro Wrestling Academy and tickets are on sale now at  We get a Major Merch update including info on the "Best Wishes bar and Grill" (13:04).  The guys do one of their T-Shirt phone calls live (14:43) and then discuss the giveaways for the week (17:36). In a brand new segment, we then introduce to you the first two figures entered into the Wrestling Figures Hall of Fame (20:33)! Weekly purchases (24:28) gives us an update to the giveaway (34:43) and also Brian talks about his new Popy figure collection 36:49.  Finally, Matt discusses his huge purchase of a few of the rarest figures ever, some Jakks Employee classics (58:58). The News, (1:08:03), Ringside top ten (1:10:57), Incarnation of Domination (1:14:14), WTF Figure of the WEAK (1:20:24) and our Q and A (1:48:12) round out the show.


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