The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

Mojo Plugs Figure It Out

March 21, 2019
No memories this week because the guys are BACK in Chicago and they've already done that!  We start out with some good house keeping (1:44) and announce a winner for the custom ring giveaway (3:00).  Matt then excitedly announces the release day and plan for the Best Wishes Bar and Grill package (4:10).  The guys discuss a bit about their products being on the secondary market for MUCH more 5:43).  Live Show 2 is discussed in depth (7:36) and Brian brings up the mysterious Lex Luger on ebay (16:19).  The guys tell a funny story about meeting Scott Steiners sister (21:05) and then announce giveaways for the week (22:35)!  Did you guys hear Mojo Rawley plug the show this week (24:47)?  The next Hall Of Fame Figure is announced this week (26:35) and then we hear some Weekly Purchases (30:47).  At the end of purchases, Matt brings up the idea of community backers for a big project that mattel could do 51:35).  The News, (55:38), Ringside top ten (1:01:19), Incarnation of Domination (1:05:32), WTF Figure of the WEAK (1:13:49) and our Q and A (1:18:44) round out the show.  Great topics come up during the seg including a really cool Ultimate Warrior story (1:35:03) and a discussion of who on the roster has the most elites (1:42:00).


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