The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

Wrestlemania Recall

April 18, 2019

We're back with a standard episode with all the fixings!  The guys start out with Good Housekeeping (1:53) and discuss the New STOMP pins (4:12) and an insane story from Axxess involving The Miz, Undertaker and a wedding ring (5:24).  This weeks giveaways are announced (9:50) followed by a new MAJOR code for Chalkline (12:03)!  The guys then go in depth about their Mania week, the LIVE show and much much more (13:05).  Weekly purchases (34:07) is followed by a HUGE axxess filled news segment (53:16)!  We then round out the show with the Ringside top ten (1:11:01), Incarnation of Domination for Brock Lesnar (1:14:39), the WTF Fig of the Weak (1:22:45) and our Q and A (1:26:57)!

The incarnation of Domination was brought to you this week by our friends over at GEMR!  Want to check out the Incarnation of Domination figures we discuss? Check them out now on Gemr -- we’re posting them exclusively in their WWE Club each week so you can get an up close look at our picks and tell us which one’s YOUR favorite. What’s Gemr? It’s an app just for collectors. You can show off all your figures, meet other collectors, and talk about your favorite figs. With Gemr, you always know what you have, and they can even help you find what you’re missing. Think of it as a virtual Detolf where you can scratch that figure itch all day, every day. Go to (that’s /majorwfpod to check out this week’s Incarnation of Domination figures, or pick up the app on iOS and Android. Again, that’s Don’t forget to comment on your favorites!


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