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Controversy creates cash = more figures

April 25, 2019

Figure it out is back and the guys are excited (1:20) and then it's time to discuss a HUGE bonus episode coming when we get 30k youtube subscribers (2:16).  Matt and Brian talk a little about memories from Des Moines (2:46) and then discuss the next Zombie Pin coming out on May 4th (4:41). We are also having a new phone call deal involving our new shirt (5:56). This weeks giveaways are announced (8:15) followed by the guys unboxing a new figure product that comes in a subscription box (9:20)!  Good house keeping finally finishes up with a few notes (13:45).  Weekly purchases (17:54) contains an another unboxing (29:19) and is followed by the news (37:20)!  We then round out the show with the Ringside top ten (43:22), Incarnation of Domination for Eric Bischoff (46:16), the WTF Fig of the Weak (51:53) and our Q and A (54:57)!

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