The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

SummerSlam Memories

August 8, 2019
This week starts with some Good Housekeeping (1:52) and an announcement regarding new pins (7:59)!  Mat and Brian then talk about some Summerslam memories including a very cool and special story about a Bret vs Perfect match that means a lot to them (14:28).  After that, we do the giveaways (18:17) followed by a funny MJF story and the FB group (24:17).  We then head right into weekly purchases, (33:24) with a few blind unboxings.  We then talk about some news (1:14:08), Ringside top ten (1:18:05 ), Incarnation of Domination for Harley Race (1:20:45) and the new seg #WeWantRetros Fantasy Figure of the Week (1:28:55).  We round out the show with the WTF Fig of the Weak (1:34:20), and finally our Q and A ends the show (1:48:46)!

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