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September 28, 2018

There are lots of stories in episode 6 of the POD including one right off the bat about a crazed fan in Colorado that tried to take out La Familia (1:58). The guys then get into Good housekeeping (4:02) and talk about an update on wrestlers with multiple promotion figs (4:27), why the rock had tights in his first figure (9:00), and a story about Zack's mania entrance gear (18:40). Then they give out the winner of last weeks contest and the new contest for this week (21:20)! Hear about the new purchases this week including more S.T.O.M.P. (27:40) and articulated 5 inch LJN prototypes (45:10). The figure news (51:33) leads into a story about a WILD party that you can NOT miss if you enjoy embarrassing hornswoggle anecdotes (58:23)! Owen Hart is this weeks Incarnation of Domination (102:00) and is the WTF Figure of the week Dude Love (109:19)? Then they close out the shows with questions from YOU (115:00).

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