The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

Midnight (Unboxing) Madness

November 8, 2019

Buckle up for a LOOONG event filled episode this week as our action figure aficionados are joined by producer "Smart" Mark Sterling @silverintuition !  The guys start the show off this week with some Good Housekeeping.  Broski has a special T-Shirt giveaway (10:32) and then we get the real giveaways (18:38).  Ricky Morton gives a fig bath (28:22) and then we hear about Broski's parents house and get a new segment where we get an example of the madness (40:20).  We then hit the high spots with Weekly purchases (1:06:31) that includes an unboxing of an elusive TNA two pack that is pretty DIRTY(1:22:27)! We also hear a wild story where the guys bought 2 AAA Mysterios only to find a huge difference between the two (1:31:38) as well as a HUGE new elite unboxing (1:54:03).  We close out with the news (2:10:50) that includes a drunken interview from Bill (2:15:43), Ringside top ten (2:27:46), Incarnation of Domination for Booker T (2:28:13) and the #WeWantRetros Fantasy Figure of the Week (2:33:44).  We round out the show with the WTF Fig of the Weak (2:35:50) , and finally our Q and A ends the show (2:40:25)!


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