The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

The Toys That BLEEPED Us

November 22, 2019
Our wrestling figure way-finders are back this week with a fun filled episode that isn't 3 hours! The guys start the show off this week with some Good Housekeeping.  Then we get the giveaways (10:02).  We then hit the high spots with a HUGE Weekly purchases (35:00) and close out with the news (59:03) featuring the break down of the Toys That Made us wrestling figure episode, Ringside top ten (1:24:28), Incarnation of Domination (1:25:14) and the #WeWantRetros Fantasy Figure of the Week (1:32:34).  We round out the show with the WTF Fig of the Weak (1:35:06) , and finally our Q and A ends the show (1:40:48)!


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