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RAW Is Silver Balls

December 6, 2019
Our Wrestling Collectible Connoisseurs start this week off with some Good Housekeeping.  Then we get the giveaways (5:20) and some more information on the super important LIVE show Toy Drive (15:00)!  After that, Brian confronts Broski about an ebay auction gone bad that involves a certain Christmas elf (19:00).  We then hit the high spots with weekly purchases (24:22) and close out with the news (45:06), Ringside top ten (51:57), Incarnation of Domination (59:07) and the #WeWantRetros Fantasy Figure of the Week (1:06:19).  We finish the show with our Q and A (1:10:13) but we don't close it all out until we bring back on producer "Smart" Mark Sterling to talk about his RAW appearance in a special WTF segment (1:19:35)!

This episode is brought to you by Ringside Collectibles ( ). is your one stop shop for all your wrestling figure needs! Use code major to save 10 percent!


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