The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

Thousand Dollar Broski

October 5, 2018

We got a long one folks! The guys open the show with some Seattle memories or lack there of (2:00) and move right into housekeeping (2:30)! Find out the winner of this weeks giveaway (3:50) and the new giveaway for next week. Then, hear all about their new youtube show that is out NOW (9:54)! James Ellsworth signed his fig and left it at a store (17:15)! Uh oh...what is wrestling figure court, it might make Bill sweat!? (18:50) Find out what the guys purchased this week (23:45). Did Matt let a stranger into his home for a prototype? (39:51). Every one has a price for the Thousand Dollar Broski (51:19). Then it's time for the figure news (58:30). This news today is featuring an EXCLUSIVE that no other podcast is reporting (108:20). Why does Zack really like Alexander Wolf (110:40)  What's on tap for this weeks Incarnation of Domination (114:13)? WTF Fig of the Week is Val Venis, but which one? (1:20:09) Then the guys finish up with questions from you, including another embarrassing story! (128:09)

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