The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

Broski’s Giant Mystery Box of Merch

December 20, 2019

Our Fig Hinting Favorites start this week off with some Des Moines memories and then get right into Good Housekeeping.  Then we get the giveaways (10:14)! We then hit the high spots with a BIG weekly purchases (37:37) and close out with the news (1:17:15), Ringside top ten (1:20:34), Incarnation of Domination (1:22:10) and the #WeWantRetros Fantasy Figure of the Week (1:27:13).  We then finish the show with the WTF Figure of the Weak (1:30:24) and our Q and A (1:34:53)!


This episode is brought to you by Ringside Collectibles ( ). is your one stop shop for all your wrestling figure needs! Use code major to save 10 percent!



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