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Bill is going to wrestling figure court!

October 12, 2018

Episode 8 starts out with a heated argument over valet parking and where the arena is (1:30.  Brian then tells an embarrassing story about a lefty dap with Shane McMahon and Matt (4:00).  The guys get some "good house keeping" off their chest (6:20) and move into this weeks contest winner and the new contest for next week (9:30)!  In the house keeping, the guys address the toys r us rumors (18:00) and "figure fraud" with more info on the controversial dude love figure (24:00).  We hear about weekly purchases (28:20) and Matt and Brian play a new Ebay game about saved searches (37:50).  Have you ever wondered what Marty Scurll collects (46:30)?  Matt then reviews Dusty and other figures live on air but is one broken (49:00)?  The guys then go into the Figure news (102:44) and the Ringside top ten (107:20).  Dont miss this weeks "Incarnation of Domination" (109:45) and WTF Figure(s) of the week (117:00).  They finish out the episode with questions from YOU! (124:00).

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