The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

The night Matt ripped Rory’s tights off

October 19, 2018

Episode 9 starts off with some memories of Philly that Matt was actually prepared to talk about (1:30) including a famous story about the man that opened the show this week, Rapid Delivery Rory Fox (5:38)! Find out the giveaway winner and new giveaway for this week (13:20) and then hear some good house keeping (16:10). The guys talk about a fan who reached out about the Hasbro Ric flair looking exactly like the graphic in the “Royal Rumble” Super Nintendo game (26:00). THEN, here a major update on the Dude Love Fiasco (28:00). Matt and Brian then move into weekly purchases (32:00) and talk a lot about Matts new collection plan. After that, hear this weeks Ringside Top Ten (56:30), News (101:00), Incarnation of Domination (114:30) and WTF Figure segments (119:45)! The guys once again close out the show with a very deep and heartfelt Q and A segment (124:45).

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