The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

Holiday Q&A Bonanza

December 27, 2019
Hey everyone, this weeks episode is an all question and answer pod!  We asked you on twitter for questions and in this jam packed hour, the guys answer 63 of them!

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1.) Would you knock on Aleister Black door to bring back the retros?
2.) Where do you guys usually find all your vintage merch?
3.) Which Hall of famer that doesn't have an elite would you want?
4.) Whats you guilty pleasure figure?
5.) What do you think of main stream media portrayals of collecting?
6.) What is the best accessory weapon to ever come with a figure and what is the weirdest?
7.) Iron Sheik claimed to make 80k on figure royalties, Can you talk about figure royalties?
8.) Once you display a figure do you leave it that way you originally set it up or do you switch it?
9.) Have you ever lost or gotten into a fight with a friend while fig hunting?
10.) If you could make any other WWE PPV Poster into a fig, what would it be?
11.) Favorite Tri-County Memories?
12.) Why don't we have Smart Mark Won-Ton balls for sale?
13.) Would highly detailed and expensive figures we see in other lines work for the WWE?
14.) How many times have you bought something and immediately realized I don't want this or I don't need this?
15.) Most valuable/rarest BCAs?
16.) Can you explain how Mattel can make some WWE Legends and not others?
17.) Do you think you would have ever become pro-wrestlers if not for having figures as a kid?
18.) Now that we have WWE masters of the Universe figures, what other cross-overs would you like to see?
19.) Since the Major WF Podcast Figures sold out so quickly, any chance of having others made?
20.) Does Curt have a signed Taker figure for his wall, if not what figure would he get signed if he had the chance?
21.) Should Mattel bring back the cross generation battle packs?
22.) If Mattel ever made a multi-pack of jobbers who would you choose?
23.) Any chance that you can make a flex-fit style hat?
24.) What has been your favorite piece of merch you've created for the pod?
25.) If you could save ONE figure from your collection which one would you choose?
26.) What Santa related Mattel Elite would you like to see released?
27.) If Ringside gave you the opportunity to collaborate on the next Ringside Exclusive, what figure would you choose?
28.) Best Christmas gift as a kid, not figure related?
29.) Favorite road game?
30.) What are your 20/20 figure collecting new years resolutions?
31.) What are your thoughts about collecting replica title belts or ring used belts?
32.) What was your worst experience at a signing?
33.) Whats the story behind Zack Ryders basic with two different heads?
34.) What does Zack Ryder do with all the sleeves of his shirt?
35.) Whats next for merch Mania or merch Stand Madness?
36.) Will there be a video version of your WWF Hasbro episode?
37.) Brian after completing your Mint Brian Pillman collection are you itching to do another? Matt who would you collect?
38.) Did Broski ever confirm whether is Tom Zenk was a prototype? 
39.) What were you significant others reactions when they heard the Blue Chew commercial for the first time?
40.) Have you already gone to work on future Major WF Pod figures?
41.) Fantasy booking, what two celebrities would you like to see in a gimmick battle royal and one of them gets a basic fig?
42.) What are your best wrestling related books?
43.) When a Major mark asks for an autograph at the airport would you rather be called your Wrestling name or Government name?
44.) How many bottles of soap have you used to give fig baths? Whats the best soap?
45.) How realistic do you think wrestling figures will become in the future?
46.) When you guys get your ring gear do you try to design stuff that is toyetic?
47.) Has Zack let that Hasbro set breath yet?
48.) What figs are still in your collection from childhood?
49.) If only one member of the Cone family was able to have a figure, which one would you choose?
50.) If you could pick one company to NEVER exist which one would it be? LJN, Hasbro, Jakks etc?
51.) Which WWE Superstar were you most surprised that was a figure collector?
52.) If you guys could make a new Hall of Fame line who would you choose and what would be the chase?
53.) Would you trade your complete LJN set for any other complete set?
54.) Incarnation of domination WWE Championship belt?
55.) Zack Ryder when you knew Curt Hawkins was getting two figures in elite 64 were you excited, jealous or both?
56.) What wrestler or specific gimmick would you have no interest in getting a figure?
57.) What's your opinion of the Copa Law and how it will effect the Major WF Pod Youtube channel?
58.) have you considered Major merch that is limited by time instead of quantity? 
59.) If you had a pet named after you, what name would you want?
60.) We know you guys listen to Prichard show, what other podcasts do you listen to?
61.) Have you ever seen black hair variant on Hillbilly Jim LJNs?
62.) What WWE vehicles would you like to see?
63.) Would you guys be open to making an episode that goes over the END of the Jakks era?

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