The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

Those… Two… Edge Guys!

November 30, 2018

This week on the podcast we are back with another figure filled episode! But first we start off with some memories and stories from Milwaukee Wisconsin (2:37). Brian's main memory actually still haunts him (3:32). We then talk about this weeks Giveaway's (7:10) plus the Holiday Toy Drive (9:18) including a Sam Roberts Challenge (13:45). Next, the guys talk about the Major WF Pod pin success, announce the new one and reveal a VERY SPECIAL raffle prize (16:09)! The Good Housekeeping segment comes next this week (19:15) followed by the Itunes reviews and winners (20:40). Weekly purchases (24:24), News (42:30), Ringside top ten (49:51), Incarnation of Domination w/ Arn Anderson (52:14) and out Q and A (58:10) round out the show! SCRATCH THAT ITCH!

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