The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

Major Pod is… JERICHO

April 24, 2020
The Inner circle of wrestling figure collectors gets going right away with chit chat and talk about the elephant in the room (1:15)!!!  They then get into good housekeeping (6:13) and make sure to discuss Live Five (24:00)!.  We then finally get giveaways for the week (28:00) despite Broski trying to skip it.  We then get weekly purchases (44:43) followed by a HUGE interview with AEW's Chris Jericho and they discuss his figure collecting, and the new AEW figures!  We close out the show with the news (1:52:32), Ringside top ten (2:00:38) and the Incarnation of Domination for "Cody Rhodes" (2:03:20).  We then finish the show with the WTF Figure of the Weak (2:17:29) and our Q and A (2:24:47)!
This episode is brought to you by Ringside Collectibles ( ). is your one stop shop for all your wrestling figure needs! Use code major to save 10 percent!


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