The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast

Question and Answer Bonanza!

December 28, 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to a special Q and A episode of the pod. Today we are just answering questions from all of YOU! We do start with information on the giveaways (3:21), but then get right into the Q and A's (7:52)!


Whats the worst figure of you ever made? - (8:44)
What is the first autograph signing you ever attended and what did you get signed? - (14:19)
Are there plans for two packs for the Mattel Retro line, if so who would you want? - (19:00)
How important are exclusive figures, and do you prefer them over regular figures? - (19:54)
Do you guys believe the Mean Street Posse deserved to get figures? - (22:16)
What do you think Mattel can do to help the retro line? - (24:45)
What are your five most wanted retro figs? - (28:24)
What segment should get it's only figure set? - (31:24)
What's your favorite Christmas movie and is the Brian Myers Indy fig WTF worthy? - (32:58)
Which theme song was left off the original titan-tron live and who would you replace it with? - (35:30)
What do you call each other? Real names or worker names? - (38:07)
What is one figure you two love but everyone hates on it? - (40:20)
What is your worst EBay experience? - (43:46)
What is the most meaningful figure in each of your collections? - (51:34)
Is there a story involving Rhyno and an autograph? - (54:53)
If you could have an epic moments made, what would the moment be? - (100:48)
Do you display your collection by era or type? - (1:03:38)
What is your opinion of the SH Figuarts toy line? - (105:42)
What is the weirdest piece of merch you have that feature either one of you? - (108:37)
Have you veer picked up duplicates by accident? - (1:14:35)
You get one legend for Mattel to release, who is it and why? - (1:16:01)
What are the best elite versions of Austin, Rock, Undertaker and Foley? - (1:17:32)
What is your favorite Jakks Classic superstar? - (1:25:42)
Which IC title would you use to accessorize your Mattel Retro? - (1:35:21)
Have you seen the WCW test Shots? (1:38:04)
Will kids look back on the Mattel line as fondly? - (1:41:18)
Winner of Undisputed Era Set and final question; What Stable do you want to see a collector set and why? - (1:44:18)



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