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Wrestling Figure News with Bill Miekina from Mattel!

November 23, 2018

This week on the podcast we are joined by Bill, Robert and Steve from Mattel to hear news straight from the horses mouth!.  But first we start off with some memories and stories from L.A. (01:10). We then talk about his weeks Giveaway's plus the new Itunes reviews winners (3:28).  The Good Housekeeping segment comes next this week (8:43) followed by talk about the Major Wrestling Figure Holiday Toy Drive (14:32).  Weekly purchases (18:50) gets interesting this episode when we first talk about How we send stuff...The Cheapest possible! (33:19)  We also get to do an unboxing a set of "Loyal Subjects" mini figures (36:23).  After that we do the Ringside top 10 (41:29) and then sit down with the Mattel team to discuss the recent news about the Ultimate figure line and a few more tidbits (44:22).  We close out the show with The Incarnation of Domination on DDP (101:24), the WTF Fig of the WEAK (110:43) and of course, the Q and A (115:49).  SCRATCH THAT ITCH!

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